Our Collector range is supplied via our partner Qixia TongDa Flotation Reagent Company who is the largest xanthate manufacturer in the world.

  1. - Xanthates

    • Sodium Ethyl Xanthate (SEX)
    • Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX)
    • Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate (SIPX)
    • Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX)

    - Dithiophosphates

    • Sodium diisobutyl monothiophosphate
    • Sodium dicresyl monothiophosphate
    • Sodium diisopropyl dithiophosphate
    • Sodium di-sec-butyl dithiophosphate
    • Sodium diisobutyl dithiophosphate
    • Sodium diisoamyl dithiophosphate
    • Sodium dicresyl dithiophosphate
    • Ammonium dicresyl dithiophosphate
    • Zinc dithiophosphate
  2. - Thionocarbomates

    • Diisopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate


We offer a complete range of weak through to strong frothers of varying chemical technologies


  • Copper sulphate pentahydrate

Sinoz sources copper sulphate from multiple global sources and tailors the product to meet the needs of each customer in terms of their copper content, free flow, packaging and logistic requirements. We are major global suppliers of this product and provide expert technical support.


  1. - Zinc sulphate

  2. - Sulphide chemical reagents

    • Sodium hydrosulphide (NaSH)
    • Sodium hydrosulphite or sodium dithionate
    • Sodium sulphide (NaS)
    • Sodium Metabisulphite (SMBS)

Sinoz sources our depressants and sulphide chemical reagents from reliable audited Chinese manufacturers.