Copper Sulphate

Sinoz is a leading global supplier of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (CuSO4.5H2O) for mineral processing applications. Our customer base is spread across all continents, and we take pride on supplying operations of all sizes and complexities.

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Tailored Solutions

With our significant global market share and volumes, we have the ability to tailor copper content, free flow characteristics & packaging requirements.

International Standards in Quality Assurance

Sinoz has carefully selected our manufacturing partners after an extensive auditing process through our quality management principals. Based on the quality of product manufactured (both chemical and physical), the cost and type of production, reliable volumes for export, sustainability and logistics costs to the targeted market, Sinoz has identified suitable manufacturers and negotiated exclusive distribution arrangements not as traders but as business partners.

We are supplying copper sulphate into the Australian, New Zealand, African, Canadian, USA, Papua New Guinean, Indonesian and South-East Asian markets, supplying greater than 25% of global demand.